2022 PGA Final Round

I’m guessing a lot of people have some big payouts in play this week. Who’s the best winner for you? For us I think it’s probably Mito, but also have pre-tournament outrights / each-ways on Fitz, Bubba, and Power.

On Mito and bubba which I got for about ~200/1 pre tourney. But funny enough my biggest sweat tomorrow might be Canter T20.

You guys rock!

Same here with Pereira. 201x EW T8. Also Fitz. Seamus Choker aswell. Nothing on Bubba.

Canter always chokes.

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Periera and Young for me. Hate to death ride Zalatoris because he seems like a nice guy!

I have some smaller stakes on Will and Youngie as well. Cheap way to free roll.

Kirk, power great week and cmon mito

So many chokers. Kinda weak to see being a major but great nerve with stakes on the line of course.

Can’t believe what I’m seeing.


This is heartbreaking. Omg.

Goodbye my sweet $900 I would have won :sob:

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Chris Kirk EW Top 8 gets me paid though let’s go!

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From a betting standpoint, brutal. But if JT can pull this off that will be a big win for golf – we need stars to start doing something, pro golf has been boring lately.

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Shoutout to DG from Colt Knost! (He said golf data though…)

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Rough with Pereira but EW-bets in and I pulled in some on Thomas in the end with good old intuition seeing everyone else not up to the task mental wise.

Cheers either way. DG did a wonderful job this week I think.

And I agree about JT. I know the course is hard and all but it feels like the level of golf on the, let’s say top 20 was wy lower than expected? With Rahm, Scheffler, Hovland, DJ and Morikawa underperforming and the “unproven” falling apart at the end it felt like a level really not worthy of a major.

That was just painful

Days like this make you want to give it up for good

What did the announcers (Faldo) on the main feed say about Pereiras club choice on 18th? I watched on Sky Sports and they were pretty much in shock over him hitting driver instead of 3 wood, only needing par. Same yesterday when he layed up on 17. Didn’t make sense.

To be fair JT hit driver on 18 in the playoff too and got a lucky bounce to stay in the fairway

Club choice was correct, he has the smooth power fade. Everyone had trouble hitting greens all week with middle irons.

He hit a really bad shot.

What golf needs is new stars (like any other sport). Zalatoris and Pereira were as good candidates as any.

If either of them had shot 68 and won by like 5 I don’t think that would have done the game of golf a disservice

Fair point, but Pereira knew par was good enough, not the same for a play off even if par always is good on 18.

I think this discussion illustrates why the 18th hole at SH such a great finishing hole. The severe fairway and length makes it important to chase the ball down into the flat-- close to the creek-- to have a good look at the green. Laying back leaves a long, awkward shot from a possibly sloped lie into a green that is hard to hold with a hard crosswind.

There is on the one hand a clear tradeoff between risk and reward, but on the other hand no way to guarantee a four by playing conservatively off the tee-- you are just kind of opting for a super hard second shot and consequently delaying the penalty a bit.

Personally I think Mito was just fired up and understandably ripped it a bit harder than he would have wanted to-- I think the choice of driver was fine.

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