Add "Significant Shot" section to the live predictive model page

Just a suggestion but, during most tournaments, i’ll leave the live predictive model page up to track how my golfers are doing. Sometimes starring those on the weekend once my paths to winning have narrowed.

However, having to monitor the overall leaderboard involves mostly watching where people have been and seeing their movements over time. I’m thinking about a view where it shows key shots - a Lowry 4-putt dropped his cut % from ~70% to ~40%. if there was an aggregate “most significant shots” of the round/hour/whatever, it would be easy to see who’s made big plays and who hasn’t. I’m not sure if this could be at the shot level but at least on a whole to hole level.

Most significant holes last [[1 Hour]]

  1. S. Lowry - Triple Bogey - Hole 3 - Cut % change: -30%
  2. Rafa Cabrea Bello - Eagle - Hole 9* - Cut % change: +27%


I think summarizing big movements would make it easier to follow whats happening and add value to the live model updates.

I like this idea a lot. A year or so ago we tried implementing something like this. I can’t remember exactly what the reasons were that caused us to abandon the project, I’ll look into it again.

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That Jon Rahm WD at the Memorial would have been a doozy for sure.

A variation on this is a simple ‘Favourites’ view, just as the Leaderboards typically offer.