Adjusted SG and (+/-) stat idea

Love DG and use it for all my model creation. I have had my own version of True Strokes gained for years and love that I have a place to easily export and grab essentially same data values I am looking for without manual manipulation required.

Taking it a step further I would love if you could add what I call (+/-) and/or Adjusted SG to my models for greater ease of depicting against “true norm”, otherwise called the Standard Deviated Avg of a player in a given event, x events, x rounds, etc… like your site offers.

I always seek to find the StDev SG Avg vs just SG Avg to find expected norm. Taking it a step further I like to see for matchup betting if a player has a boom or bust element to their game and why I do (+/-) and Adj SG Avg. You may have better idea for how to better accurately get this but my approach is as follows:

(+/-) = SG Avg - SG StDev Avg
Adj SG = (SG Avg + SG StDev Avg)/2

Small sample size examples from Mexico Open SG Totals (I do this for all SG Categories):

Aaron Wise:
Rd 1 +5.29
Rd 2 -4.12
Rd 3 +4.07
Rd 4 +5.54
Avg +2.69
StDev Avg +4.96
Adj Avg +3.83
(+/-) -2.27

His avg doesn’t capture his normal play for week due to outlier round. “Normal” ceiling much higher than the average. He played the week with a -2.27 (+/-) against his norm. He busted. If consistent over time I could possibly look to expect him to have value in matchup bets as his normal cieling underappreciated because he is prone to bust.

Bryson Nimmer (opposite):
Rd 1 +6.29
Rd 2 -3.93
Rd 3 -3.93
Rd 4 -3.46
Avg -1.06
StDev Avg -3.50
Adj Avg -2.28
(+/-) +2.45

For the week his Rd 1 helped elevate him to an otherwise expected missed cut. Again his average is lifted because of his outlier, but if over time he consistently ends weeks on the + he is prone to the “boom” rounds making his value higher than his norm for say a to make cut bet. Conversely for matchup bets his adjusted avg and StDev Avg would show his average stats are inflated.

I am 80+% a matchup better so I find value in doing this. Ultimately would love if DG could provide something similar or better to lessen the manual manipulation and data housing round by round required for me to do so.

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