Amateur data smells a bit odd

Gabrelcik shot a 74 in the Jones Cup R3 and was awarded with +5 SG and through his 9 rounds in 2022 is rated at +2.72 which I think is better than any pro golfer on the site. something is way off here, right?

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No, it’s fine.

You are misinterpreting a few things.

  1. Amateur true sg is relative to the avg. player in D1 Championship (which is equal to -2.3 relative to avg. PGA Tour pro). See note on top of that page, or look at the benchmarks you can add on the right.

  2. His 2022 is ‘rated’ at +2.72 but that’s just a simple average regardless of sample size. His actual rating is +1.55 (which is -0.8 relative to an average PGA Tour pro). He’s the #2 amateur but right now there aren’t many good ams. Look at our all-time rankings for some context.

  1. He shot 74 in R3 but that was one of the best rounds of the day at one of the best amateur events in the country. That +5 SG on the amateur scale is still worth +2.7 on the PGA Tour scale, so it was a great round.

ahh thank you very much! I had thought SG “translated” across all tours