Andalucia - SG Query


I am not dreaming… that’s still the Spanish Open field loaded into the SG Query for this week, right? I see the field entry list hasn’t moved in a day on the Euro site so I am guessing that’s the holdup?

Keep up the great work and continued tweaks around the site.


I guess you did say 3PM. A touch too eager on my end I guess. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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You were correct… we had a weird bug and our first run today still had the Spanish Open field!

I ended up putting a full unit on a Jon Rahm outright as a result. Fingers crossed that he wins or that he at least makes a fast start so that I can lay him back at what I backed him.

Oh shit… ya it was a bad bug. Pretty sure a URL was messed up on Euro website. Was the probability that different on Rahm? I think we had him at 24% initially with the wrong field, and 21-22% after.

Relooking at it - I think I took his probability from the previous event. I had done preliminary work on the CJ predictions on DK and didn’t realise the Euro tour was the previous weeks one.

No harm, even I do likely lose the unit I’m still up more than a hundred units since the Valero Texas Open thanks to you guys.

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