Any chance of LPGA or Senior predictions?

I noticed that a lot of sites have betting on these tournaments. I only need rough predictions here, since I specialize in betting the adjusted odds in the middle of the tournament. Even a rough guideline is extremely helpful and useful.

I have been using the bookmakers’ opening lines to make adjusted odds but perhaps the Data Golf predictions will prove to be an improvement.

Champions Tour will be added to sub-tours this week. That page is going to be awesome, even though hardly anyone will use it.

LPGA would be great but that’s a bigger project.

Thanks, I will definitely use it.

Maybe I’m just being dense, but where can I find the “sub tours” page?

Here is the url: From Mon-Wed it was below the main card in the left column on the home page, now it’s to the right.

It is also in the menu under predictive_model → custom_model → other_tours. Let us know if you have any questions about it!


Really appreciate it Matt.

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