API Question - Shotlink Data

Hi, new user here,

I’m new to the forum and quite interested in becoming a Scratch! subscriber. Primarily my interest/general use case is in performing analytic research via the data golf API to obtain Shotlink data. I’ve read through the api-access page, the documentation of the 6 general use endpoints, and reviewed the sample .csv file for the Masters from the raw data archive.

My main question: Is the sample .csv file comprehensive of all data available (25 columns) from the raw data archive or is that just a subset of Shotlink data which can be made available?

I’m looking to visualize some additional information provided from that data which combines other fields that I found in an old EventExport data dictionary from the PGA Tour Shotlink site (2011) which listed 190 fields in that extract alone. I could write some python or something that scrapes the site but that’s clunky.

Anyway, I hope this isn’t too verbose of a request. Love the site.


Hi gkev, welcome to the forum!

The sample file (Masters) is the most comprehensive the data will get, all other events will have equal or fewer columns. We have an agreement with the PGA TOUR which only allows us to distribute round-level (or higher) data via the API. The archive page lists every event we have and whether Shotlink data is available from each.

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