Australasian Tour events?

There are a few Australasian Tour events that have fairly strong fields, in line with European Tour events, including:

  • Australian PGA Championship
  • Australian Open (Cancelled in 2021-2022 season)
  • New Zealand Open

Would Datagolf have any interest in projecting these events? Usually there are a few Top 50 golfers receiving appearance money to participate in these events so I would imagine they would gather some betting interest.

Hm… unfortunately we only really have infrastructure set up for PGA/Euro/KFT events. Can look into this, but I wouldn’t be too hopeful.

Thanks, just wondering whether you could call these events a pseudo “Euro” event. As far as I can tell the bigger Australasian Tour events do not overlap with European Tour and in the past some of them have actually been co-sanctioned with the European Tour (Or maybe things just aren’t that simple).

Yeah, it’s not a front-end issue, it’s just on the back-end things like field updates, tee times, are not automated for other tours.

In that case maybe we should just hope that Australiasian Tour get their act together and get their big events co-sanctioned with the DP World Tour.

At some point there may be a need to incorporate the LIV Tour as well. If they can pull this off it will certainly have 5-10 Top 50 golfers for these limited field events. Just something to think about.

Is there any reason why you’re not putting up the South African Open?

I know it isn’t sanctioned by European Tour any more, but it will still be largely the same field, and all the place markets are up on bet365.

Even if the tee times etc aren’t great on the Sunshine Tour, I’d be willing to take the chance of getting my money down. If a few players withdraw, then that’s great because the field will be weaker and our bets will be in stronger positions.

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Well to be fair matt_courchene did address why he’s not putting up the South African Open just a few posts above

But Datagolf does need to think long and hard about incorporating the LIV Tour. If the sponsors and organizers pull this off you’re looking at maybe 3-5 events starting in 2022 or 2023 with decent fields. I’m guessing 5-10 players in the Top 50 in a field of 50-70 with no cut and a purse that will at least be competitive with the bigger events in the DP World Tour.

I don’t see the harm in putting it up. If anything, the uncertainty is going to work to our advantage.

They’d probably end up with more value on bet365 than the vast majority of other weeks.

Is there a field list anywhere? Our site is very automated so it’s not necessarily easy to make these one-off changes… we have to match the field to our database etc. It’s not about being worried about the quality of the predictions.

We will cover any new tours if they draw good fields. It looks like the Saudi International next year will be a high quality event, we’ll cover that.

Here’s the entry list. They did have a lot more Europeans listed when I checked yesterday, so at least they are updating it regularly. Obviously a few spots reserved for qualifers, but going to assume that they’ll update that as and when.

Okay, will be updated on the website in the next half hour. As a Euro event. Likely just pre-tournament tools will be available.

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I’ll send a similar request for the Australian PGA Championship when the date gets closer

Tentatively scheduled for January 16.

We are working on having a custom full-field sim page, just like PGA Tour but much simpler. You will be able to manually edit our default skill levels but nothing else.

Basically we will just download the fields listed on OWGR, and you can input the cut rules, # of rounds, etc, and then we’ll simulate and give you our probabilities. Very simple page, and there won’t be any associated Scratch pages with betting odds, but it should be fully automated and easy to maintain, and will allow people to use our model for these smaller events.

Wow, what a feature
I will be subscribing to Scratch Plus for sure in 2022

Ya page is here. Should be a great tool for power users willing to put in a little more work to find an edge.

One of the big surprises is that the Thailand Tour is not that bad. The field was much stronger than I expected. A good 50 or so players would be fairly competitive on the Asian Tour.

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