Barbasol Championship

Any chance we get model predictions for this tournament?
I know I may be in the minority but I love the weak field tournaments with easy golf courses! They’re the best for betting!

Model predictions are up!
Golf course should be easy, are we looking at a winning score in the -20 range or better?

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Absolute annihilation, this tournament turned out to be a bettor’s paradise.

I was salivating for this tournament and it delivered.

In general the Datagolf model seems to do a lot better for PGA tour events with weak fields and easy golf courses.


I have thought this for a while and it continues to be true. Weaker field PGA tournaments have been great for the model and my bankroll

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One would think that European Tour would do just as well as the weaker field PGA Tour events but in general I haven’t found this to be the case. For some reason the model just has a better handle on the PGA Tour players.

The incorporation of the European players sets the model apart from a lot of the competition. That said, the PGA tour data and history of data means back testing is much more robust on the PGA tour.

The European tour does deliver returns, there is just more variance in them. Same way there is more variance in the background of players, courses and climates compared to the PGA tour.

Open was very profitable though

Basically the books handicapped it as an Open and the Datagolf model handicapped it as a regular PGA Tour stop

The winds were mild and the course was soft. The course played more like the Travelers Championship than an Open Championship. The leaderboard reflects that too.

To be honest the Palmetto Championship played more like a links course than the Open Championship.

I think we got very lucky there

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