Barbasol cut line

When I went to bed I beleive it was 98% to be -6. As someone whos bigges exposure in H2Hs is Pendrith (-5) I was super pleased to see it ended at -5. What happened? Just the last few guys crumbled?

Course played harder this morning… don’t know the exact numbers, but it went from being a negative wave split (easier for afternoon guys) to a 0.5 stroke positive one. I was tracking a bit and a bunch of guys just couldn’t birdie hole 8, which was playing like 0.8 strokes under par yesterday.

Model isn’t equipped to handle an overnight delay. Given we were like halfway through afternoon wave when play was called, our model doesn’t have much uncertainty in what the course conditions will be for the remaining guys on course. But obviously if they are coming out to finish on a new day, course can play substantially different.

Cool makes sense thanks for the reply!