Best week of the year?

4/5 winners and lots of EW T5s as well.

Anyone else have an absolute banger of a week?

JT Poston - W
Christiaan Bezuidenhout - T2
Zanotti - T5
Branden Grace - W
Kristian Krogh Johannessen - W
Zecheng Dou - W

Almost doubled the bankroll with these what a week. Cheers DG.

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Just curious, where did you show value on bez and Poston?

Ironically I had my best week of the year when Data Golf had that wonderful head fake before R3 of the US Open. Bet over on every single round score and absolutely killed it

Not all the tournaments were offered at the books I had though so the wins were limited

Had a great week overall, not complaining at all

I didn’t show anything on any of these mentioned at any of my books. Did have a nice hit on Grillo T20, but Eugenio erased a lot of it at LIV. Probably need to wait a while and not trigger EVs on Pettit and Chacarra.

If he’s betting each way, then he doesn’t need the win part of the bet to be value because the place part of the bet will be very good.

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I actually gave poston a small bump along with some others in a custom sim because his last 3 finishes had been so solid. Bez was probably included in that as well iirc. Stallings was close to a bet but couldn’t get the price.

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Ya I think our betting was roughly break-even at John Deere / Irish Open, but we did have Marty Dou and Krogh Johannessen winning on the KFT and Challenge Tours. And some in-play stuff from LIV where the bookmakers were super low on the leaders for some reason.

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