Bet online top 5 scratch tools

@matt_courchene @will_courchene Hey guys just letting you know betonline posted their “top 5 to end first round” odds and the scratch tools reads it as rather +EV top5 bets. I realized this after hammering Rahm, JT, Scheffler and then reading the fine print on betonline. Its quite misleading on betonline, just dont want anyone else to make same mistake! Thanks

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Yeah they should be fixed now… caught our scraper by surprise. Doubly irritating that they list the end of round prices above the week-long.

Thanks for heads up.

We’ve added the Masters to our “sub-tours” (might need a re-branding if we continue to do this going forward, lol) custom model page, so you can simulate leaders after R1, R2 etc by changing the simulation parameters.

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