Bet365 Hold on European

Is this a mistake ? It is showing -7.6% hold

No, not a mistake! It’s because they are only offering odds on some players, and we think the odds are too long for most of those players. From the FAQ:

I don’t know what they are doing with their MC prices (on both tours this week). They seem way off.

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@matt_courchene are you betting on Josh Hill to MC or are you passing as not enough data?

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Also, will there be a Euro live model or will the two course setup on the first two days stop that from happening?

No I’m betting on him. We have 64 rounds (most of them amateur). There are 2 Josh Hills in the OWGR if you look him up there – he’s the Northern Irish one. He has played a couple good amateur events this year so maybe we are low on him if he’s improved a lot.


Not sure if it will be live, but we will update between rounds for sure.

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Good reassurance on Hill. Yes, the English boys experience through me on a Google - took a little while to realise there were two players with the same name.

Given his home course is Galgoirn, he possibly is ranked slightly low but there is certainly value in the 2.1 missed cut odds that I got yesterday.

Ah, didn’t know his home course was Galgorm. That could make a difference.

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