Betrivers question

Apologies if this has already been asked but does betrivers use the same odds as any of the books that are on the DG website?

Looks like I answered my own question…appears to be kambi which is same as unibet. If someone could confirm that would be great!

Recently found out betrivers does each way bets, which to my knowledge is one of the only us books to do that.


Can confirm that betrivers and unibet use kambi. I look at the unibet odds for BR on DG

Ever find much value against kambi? Seems like they copy us pretty hard.

One way to expose kambi is with live betting. bet365 has the most sophisticated live model. Since they seem to be integrated with live, on course shot-by-shot reporting. Probably same as tour cast. So if a player puts it on the green in 2 on a par 5 within, say 10 feet. bet365 liveodds will adjust accordingly instantly. Kambi’s usually will not. Of course this does not mean automatic value in situations like that. For instance they could be way off on a certain player before a situation like that. But it can work when you’re already close to value. This works best early on i a tournament. Their traders are more on their toes weekends and especially on sundays.

This makes sense. I’ve built some spreadsheets that refresh from the DG real time odds API, but have had trouble finding API’s that pull different books real time odds. Have you found a good source anywhere?

Sorry, Dubs, can’t help you with technical stuff like that.

An extreme example from Zurich during the final round. When Burns/Horschel had their mini run at the turn and made birdie at the 10th and 11th practically at the same Schauffele/Cantlay dropped one, shortly closing the gap to one behind bet365 was quick to notice what was about to happend and adjusted the odds on B/H to 3.5x or so but kambi had to “see” the scores on the scoreboard before they closed and shortened the odds from 8x which I managed to snatch.

Of course this doesn’t happen all the time but if you can manage to work this out using API it would obviously be with great advantage when one can do it manually just by being alert.

But as always with soft books. They are no strangers to restricting winning players.


I have found some value with Kambi, but they do two things to protect against giving up massive value:

  1. They tack on extra juice to everything (-115/-115).
  2. They move off DG bettors quicker now than they did before and potentially are integrating DG into opening lines (can’t say for sure but have seen fewer big edges at opening).

Never find much value with kambi myself. The only reason I downloaded BetRivers is because they offer each way bets…which I think is the only retail in the US to do so that I’ve come across. Anyone seen each ways offered on different retails?

Kambi slow on the live today. Were exposed for minutes with Henley @29x after he birdied and went 2 under. b365 and betfair had like 15-17x. DG around 17x as well.

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So Unibet is the same odds as BetRivers and Sugarhouse? I’ve yet to find anything worth betting really if so. The odds are so bad I’m not sure how even recreationals would bet into these lines/odds.

Not sure on Sugarhouse but if they use Kambi as their odds provider then yes. Kambi is pretty well known to just copy paste a lot of their odds directly from DG, so no surprise their isn’t value there when comparing to the DG model.