Betting results

When will u be changing it to 2022 betting results ? Also in that section how come you don’t incorporate fanduel/Betfair bets - usually have +EV bets thanks

We actually will not be publicly posting bets in 2022, at least not for the first few months. That was a pretty manual process for us, and with a lot of projects going on with the website right now, we think our time is better spent elsewhere. I’m sure you know, but all the bets posted on betting results are available on the betting tool pages as well.


Ok thanks guys love what your doing :fire:

Can we get a monthly update or a blog post monthly? You guys were doing really well it was nice to be able to explain what I’m doing here backing it up with your results.

We may have something on the site soon that provides weekly summaries of the odds we collect each week and how the DG model performed against them. Still working on it.

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