Bovada T-20 odds

Anyone else notice that there was a ton of value on Bovada T-20 odds for a short period of time today? A lot of them were almost 2x what they were supposed to be according to DG! I’ve never seen T-20 odds have an EV of 1.0!

Happens sometimes. Think they get their hold screwed up somehow. Nice way to get yourself limited.

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Yes! I have a bunch of these.
Nesmith 10-1
Van Rooyen 10-1
Knox 7.5-1
Laird 16-1
Putnam 16-1
Jones 10-1
Lipsky 12-1
Ghim 14-1
Glover 10-1
Long 10-1
KH Lee 7.5-1
Tringale 5-1
Horschel 3-1
Conners 2.5-1
Bradley 3.3-1

There was more too. They were up for at least an hour as I saw DG updated like 40 mins before I had even placed the bets. I was on my phone looking at it and most of these.

AVG EV is 55% I have on these. Hope to “realize” some of them.

Hate I missed it, although I’m so limited there, I don’t think I’d have made very many actual dollars.

At the end of the day they limit you if you’re a winner

Might as well get limited quickly and move on to the next book