Bryson Still Injured?

Did anyone see any of the Saudi Tournament and see Bryson play? Is he still injured? It seemed that last week the wrist was still bothering him and wasn’t sure if it was more of the same this week. His game does tend to be higher variance so these results aren’t that out of line, but just got to wonder if its still the wrist?

Either he’s injured or he forgot how to hit his irons, same difference

The irony is that he received his initial buzz from his iron play. It was all about the single length shaft, single plane swing, and he swung at the ball like Payne Stewart

When he’s off he’s 50-50 to hit the green with wedges

Blowup holes are inevitable when you can’t reliably hit the green from near the green. If it takes you 4-5 shots to get on the green you’re not shooting low scores.

DeChambeau WD, I think you’re right
Hopefully he takes a couple months off and lets his wrist heal

Yes, I saw that this morning as well. Hopefully he can return healthy, I think he’s good for the game and obviously a great talent.

He needs to start a new rivalry though. Koepka just isn’t that great as a heel

Patrick Reed I think would be a better fit in that role