Calculating Golfer to Finish X Place or Worse

If I have bets available to me where I can bet on a golfer to finish 24th or Worse (for example), am I correct that I should be de-selecting the “Dead Heat” option and then take the opposite of Top 23?

So there would be a 71% chance that Scott Brown finishes 24th or Worse if he is 29% to finish in the Top 23 with Dead Heat NOT being accounted for.

Any help or thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

(If the golfer finishes T-22 and there are 5 golfers tied in that spot, then he is considered to have finished in the Top 23 - for example).

Strangely specific example. Confusing question to be honest.

I presume you are looking at the Bet365 finish better or worse market? I asked this question a couple of weeks ago and they are looking at it.

I don’t think that is how bet365 are settling DHs by the way so watch out for that - you may have a different book with different rules though.

Yeah if that’s the way they are settling, you want non-DH option selected.

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@dizzle where do you see the ‘dead heat’ toggle on the pre-tournament predictions page? Thanks.

Sorry matt, not sure. If I bet on a player to finish top 20, and the bookie I use pay out in full on ties, do I tick the dead heat rule or not?

There isn’t a toggle on pre-tournament page, only live model. It’s on the list…

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You want it unticked - the dead-heat toggle will adjust probabilities downwards to account for bookie not paying ties in full.

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