Course/Event History on/off Player Page


Haven’t been able to access any course history other than the majors and like 6 PGA Tour courses for most players off a player page for a bit now. Known bug? Or perhaps nobody has pointed it out at yet? Used to be able to do a deep dive on all kinds of comp courses and I couldn’t get it work for Qatar and now Nedbank… I can’t say i remember looking last week for WWT.


Hey Nick, what do you mean exactly? You are referring to the bottom of the profile pages, right? Is it just that the courses don’t stick when you add them, or are you not seeing the courses in the dropdown? For me it’s working fine (e.g. I added Gary Player CC from Bezuidenhout’s profile, and then when I went to Fleetwood’s profile his GP CC history is on there).

Yes, that.

I can seem to add. They all used to appear for me and I click on the bubble and they’d populate below. When I float between golfers, the list of available courses should change based on where they’ve played… at least that’s how it used to work for me. I can’t even get that.

When I go to Fleetwood… I can add majors and just the 3M thru the Schwab on the PGA Tour. It doesn’t appear to give any others.

Okay, I just thought I’d try it on my phone. I see them on my phone now… but I can scroll through the dropdown on my phone. I don’t seem to be able to scroll on my desktop?

Hm. So scrolling doesn’t do anything on desktop? There is a search bar too now, is that working for you? What browser are you using?

The search bar works on my phone and the desktop, and I can certainly add that way. It’s just getting used to it. I got used to seeing all of the courses and not really having to scroll to find anything… and the first time I noticed I thought it was me and didn’t think much of it. I normally fly in here with Microsoft Edge. I don’t even have an option on the side there to scroll in Edge on my desktop like I do on my phone.

I honestly can’t really remember what it used to be, but there must have been scrolling involved before, right?

There isn’t a scroll bar anymore but you can still scroll (on most desktop browsers, anyways). But maybe on Microsoft Edge there is bit of a bug, we can look into it.

Do you have any other issues with scrolling on our site? For example when you hover on an event on profile page, can you scroll the leaderboard?

If I click just about anywhere on the leaderboard and use a down arrow I can scroll and I loved the leaderboard addition there, btw… I just hovered over and that wasn’t a feature I overly concerned myself with because I could get it elsewhere if I needed… but the click and scroll was just something I discovered this morning after your post.

I applied the same logic to the course/event… once I sort of click on one and add it, I can scroll it all the way down… I think I was sort of expecting a scroll bar to the side there. I feel like they all just showed up before on that CH/EVENT thing and there wasnt a scroll necessary but perhaps I’m confused. There have been so many continued improvements and subtle tweaks I don’t always catch them fast enough. :slight_smile: