Course Fit Tool Differences Between "Royal St. George's" and "Open Championship"

Are these solely due to “event fit” adjustments flagged in the note at the top of the page, or is there something else at play here? Wasn’t sure because there’s a pretty material change in the “most similar courses” between the two. Thanks in advance for any info.

Yes it’s mostly due to event fit. You can see the Open Championship radar plot about halfway down the blog post we link out to in the note.

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This is where I’m trying to find value this week, looking at possible alterations on the model based on unique factors of RSG. Big one to note - unlike many courses on the Open rota, there’s significant rough between holes. Guys like Bryson who go long but get wild aren’t going to find themselves on another fairway unlike in some Opens. Bumping up the driving accuracy this week for sure.