Custom Model PGATOUR - Thoughts on improvements

Hi guys @will_courchene @matt_courchene

Purely from a betting perspective the custom PGA TOUR model needs some improvements.

  1. The ‘other tours’ model lets us put in custom finishing positions where the PGA TOUR one does not - For betting this is quite helpful when working out EW odds.

  2. The template that is downloaded from PGA TOUR does not include nationality where as the ‘Other Tours’ one does. This makes custom prop betting ‘Top golfer by category’ almost impossible unless you are willing to go through and assign every golfer you don’t want to include in a custom sim a SG of -99.

  3. If we could be able to add the number of rounds similar to the ‘Other Tour’ custom model that would be fantastic as well. B365 has Top 5,10,20 after round 1 now which could be good to see.

  4. In general just some things I would love to see.

  • Run SIM with only certain criteria e.g. Only certain nationalities.
  • Being able to easily remove players



Thanks for the suggestions. Agree on most of them. The other tours page has some good features that need to be included with the PGA Tour version.

Probably won’t get to this before end of Masters week, but improving that page is on our to-do list.


Thanks, cant wait for the Masters!

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