Cut Line Projections

Thoughts on adding projected cut lines to any of the API endpoints? Maybe it’s already in one of them and I just missed it.

Yeah, that would be an easy add, it’s not in there currently.

What’s the use case, if you don’t mind sharing?

Well long story short. I do some golf pools with my friends. Each of us picks 10-12 players during major tournaments. Score either based on par score (or money earnings which I get elsewhere).

I created a live tracker and it would be nice to use your projected cuts. Right now I just use a formula to get to Top # of players, but obviously not as accurate earlier in the week.

Nice! We’ll definitely try to get them in the API soon. Also we’ve been meaning to get money earned in there for a while now…

Any update on this? I took a look at the APIs and I don’t see it.