Dell Match Play Odds

Are the odds listed on the head to head matchups a 3 way line? I’m trying to compare to some betting sites and unsure if I should be comparing to a 3 way or tie-no-bet line?


Yes, 3-way.

So to compare to a tie-no-bet line you just divide the implied probabilities by the sum of the win probabilities.


The odds don’t sum to 100%, which means the missing odds are the Draw chance.

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@matt_courchene @will_courchene Do you guys have projected holes won for each golfer in each match? Or is there way for me to calculate that?

@matt_courchene What is the math on attempting to calculate EV for tournament props this week (top American, Asian, etc)?

Are we able to see a comparison of the daily match play odds to what the books are offering? Similar to what we get for a normal tournament?