Do you plan to run the model Korn Ferry tour event this week?

Also last week I know you guys said draftkings didnt have odds posted for KF event but at least on the illinois dk app they did . Is it possible something on the draftkings site changed or maybe they post different events (and odds) in different states? I do notice that on the app it lists the event this week as “Korn Ferry - BMW Charity ProAm” on the “All Sports” section, but if you click it it displays the correct event as Wichita Open

Yes, they will be up later today. Unfortunately the books give KFT events zero respect (even though they are better than half the Euro tour…). We are just trying to finish up an (epic) US open data visualization.

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@matt_courchene I noticed you ran the scratch tools on the korn ferry event, thanks! I apologize for continuing to bug you guys on this but there must be an issue with scraping DK odds, as I see DK odds have been up well before the scratch tools ran. Btw the Torrey pines hole mapping feature is unreal, nice work!

Hey, we get the DK odds here, but I don’t see the KFT event up yet. And thanks!

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Just so wild, when I click that link I see this. Has to be something with different states( I’m in Illinois) . And recently I will see different odds than scratch tools for DK and FD for pga events. And I know it’s not just due to odds moving, bc odds won’t match scratch and hours later u rerun scratch tools and each are still showing same mismatching odds. I’ve seen same issue on William hill since they opened here. My theory is that the casinos that partner with app must run their risk side separately and therefore move odds independently, but I have no idea :man_shrugging:t2:

@matt_courchene I see DK odds now for the KF event, thanks!

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Interesting odds for Max Greyserman this week, especially on Fanduel…

Im assuming you mean bet365? They must have the wrong odds, I bet it on mybookie (same odds as b365). But they can just freeroll you by cancelling the bet if it wins and not saying anything 97% of the time when he doesnt win

I don’t see odds for the Korn Ferry Tour on FanDuel
Maybe I should write them a suggestion?
(Or maybe not, they have enough trouble putting up European Tour tournaments)

So they used to have it up and for some reason the last couple events they haven’t. If you want to ask them feel free, if they pull the odds from betfair there could be some value there

I have FanDuel and I’ve never seen the Korn Ferry Tour. Europe is hit-and-miss and they occasionally put up LPGA.

It must be a state restricted deal.

Apologies, yes, meant Bet365. Good on you for getting a bet in before they change it