DP WORLD TOUR Cazoo Classic (England)

General thread for this euro event.

Seems like DG model having a great start. Bekker, Dantorp, Gupta, Ritchie, Shinkwin to name a few.


Porteous just doubled his third hole the f**king idiot…

Edit: I’ve got a nice wager riding on him.

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The last time @PaulWaringGolf held a 36 hole lead was at the 2018 Nordea Masters.

He went on to win that event 🏆 #CazooClassic pic.twitter.com/Ze51DbCaqi

— DP World Tour (@DPWorldTour) July 23, 2022

Let’s go Paulie, one more time!


Still in it, ULOSTSOWAT!

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f***** Bekker. lol. Sigh.

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Absolute joke. Typical LIV trash who doesn’t have to perform to get paid.


Datagolf vindicated in that the three golfers who they make value every single week on the DP World Tour (Guerrier, Shinkwin, Garrick Porteous) all finish inside the top 20.

The less said about Guerrier’s bottlejob in trying to close out the win, the better.

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Were you on Guerrier this week at all? Not sure if we showed value… didn’t have any myself.

T5 (only) - 19x @BetOnline showed value, early. Also top Frenchie 7.5x.

Guerrier @76’s EW 1/5 T-8 on B365 was a small bet.

I had a top 20 bet on him at an offshore book who pay out full on ties.