Draftkings IL not listing all the John Deere round1 matchups and 3balls

Is anyone outside of Illinois missing a bunch of John Deere round 1 matchups and 3balls? I only see 10 of each, but I see on scratch tools theres 40+ of each

Seeing them all in CO. I’ve run into this with both DK and FD where IL and CO vary widely on release time

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I’m not seeing any Round 1 3-balls in FanDuel

FanDuel listed Round 1 3-balls after the tournament started

DK is missing a lot of them in Michigan as well.

@feltindonks are you seeing a bunch missing again this week? In my state the R1 matchups and 3-balls listed on DK are totally different from those reported for DK on the DG site… quite a few missing from FanDuel as well.

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Yep same deal this week on DK, it’s quite annoying and I have no idea why. I’m seeing all the 3balls for the open on FD tho

I heard DK was updating their app state by state and with it, no longer using Kambi. In Michigan DK is the same situation as OP, and has some R1 matchups that DG doesn’t have listed.

In another oddity, I’ve never been able to get the Make/Miss Cut market in Michigan on FanDuel.

That is odd - I’m in MI now and seeing make cut props on DK, but not miss cut.

I do see 3-balls as well for FD, but no make/miss cut props at alll

Looks like PA is in the same boat now. I’m seeing a very limited selection of matchups at DK, and no T5/10/20 outrights this week for the first time.