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Hey @matt_courchene and @will_courchene…I still think something might be up with the DraftKings feed. I noticed yesterday that some of the odds listed in the finish market were not lining up to what is on my app versus what you are pulling to the site. I understand the lines move all the time but even after a very recent refresh of your data, the lines were still not matching. A couple examples - you have Stricker as +8000 to win, I see +9000 on the app. Tom Hoge is listed on the site as +20000 to win, on the DK app I see +25000.

I noticed this yesterday and just figured the refresh time was the issue, but even after a couple refreshes the discrepancies still exist. One other thought is this could be one of those Illinois-type-situations where odds aren’t equal across the country, but I am located in Virginia and historically have always matched exactly what I see on the app and what the site has.

The version of the site we can access is currently transitioning I think. I’m pretty sure the feeds we have are now the NJ feeds (and it doesn’t seem like Kambi). It’s a bit annoying… hopefully everything is uniform at some point in the near future. We’ll also try to add a Kambi feed once DK is fully off of it.

Having quite a few issues with various feeds at the moment, unfortunately. Does anyone know what is up with Betcris? Their site is basically impossible to use; I don’t even know where they plan to post odds going forward.

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Just as a heads up, there seems to also be an error with the make/miss cut props for DK on the DG betting tool - all golfers are currently showing the same odds to both make and miss the cut.

Is anybody else still running into this besides me? Just want to see if it’s a state thing - I am located in Virginia. For example, the Euro outright odds were just posted and there are lots of where the odds aren’t tieing to what is on Datagolf

I do think it’s still state by state at this point, and now you’re in the minority of states (Virginia), don’t know others?, who haven’t switched over to the new odds provider.

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Good news is the new provider’s odds show a lot more discrepancies with our numbers than Kambi’s did.


Also, they’ve been accepting more action with SB Tech than with Kambi as well


Question : Betfair sportsbook have Yuan 3 ball @ 2.75 , how would I calculate how many units you would bet like what you do for betting results thanks

And not adjusting as quickly if at all.

Use Kelly criterion, sbrodds.com has a calculator

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