Euro Finishing Position

Is there a reason euro has been going up with only outrights in scratch tools lately? Know some books already have those lines up and just curious if the model is complete why there is a delay.

If there are books with odds other than outrights out, we’ll post them. The books we are scraping must not have had non-outrights posted. Which book were you thinking of? Also, I’m sure you know, but when we update the site you can always see the full set of finish probabilities here.

Like for example, on pga this time, fanduel has had 5,10,20 up for a while tonight but scratch tools only had win and top 5 up

In the past the scratch tools posted top 5, 10, and 20 odds even before the books posted up the odds but they have been grayed out lately

This is particularly problematic for Top 10 odds since the live predictive model does not show Top 10 odds before the cut

But then again, I understand that Data Golf is a business and you want to sell the Scratch Plus memberships

Hey, no we aren’t trying to get people to buy Scratch Plus for that… Plus is about the API / historical data mostly.

We can try to get Top 20/10/5 odds posted on live model once the second round is over (instead of once the 3rd round begins, as it is now).

We try to scrape the finish position odds with the outrights… if that hasn’t been happening that must be due to some issue with our scrape or the feed. Will look into it.

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Is there an easy way to obtain Top 30, Top 40, and other custom finish odds using the API?

Part of the reason for this is that sometimes books post odds for Top 3 or each-way odds. In addition sometimes they post odds where there is no dead heat reduction. It would be neat to see the custom tabular results for sure.

More or less I’m looking for something similar to the Pre-Tournament simulation except it allows me to simulate in between rounds.


So, pre-tournament that is available. Documentation here: API Access.

Example url:,23&odds_format=decimal&file_format=json&key=your_key

During the tournament we don’t have that available yet… we can try to add that for next year.

Thank you, next year I am considering upgrading to a scratch plus. We’ll see!

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