Euro tour - Alfred Dunhill outright after R1

What us going on with the outrights tool? the DG model is having issues

Yeah, thanks for the heads up. Fixed now.

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Thanks Matt. appreciate it

Just happened again with Matchups, David Horsey FV was +103 and now its +228. So I spent $150 on a matchup thats now -24% EV. What is going on?

same. I placed a healthy wager myself

Yeah, I made the same bet, unfortunately.

Horsey was added late to the field and the European Tour site hadn’t put him in the 2nd and 3rd round tee times yet. So we had him playing St. Andrews tomorrow instead of Carnoustie, hence the value. I realized the mistake and re-ran things.

Cashed out at a loss and naturally Neinaber implodes today.

The model knew!! Always back the British guy in the wind and rain at +200 or better!

So, DGs odds on Foxy can be trusted? 12.5x on betfair. That’s some price, cheers.


Monday finish confirmed. I think we’re due for an outhright update with new weather circumanstances? Or maybe this doesn’t change anything model wise?

No, it does change things slightly. Although not too much with the short t-time window. Will update now.

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Now playing as a 3 round tournament (if the weather even allows that). Strange situation if they won’t be able to get that round in as the players yet to play carnoustie had such an advantage.

Interesting to see the odds implications as well. I got some money in on Fitz to win at 2.1 when the initial delay was announced, but I’m guessing there were a lot of great bets to be made on ‘bad’ players in good position. Also - petition to get some ‘Leader after current round’ options on the live predictive model page


Best outcome for me at this point is all bets voided :joy:

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Haha, same here. Would be bloody sweet :smiley:

edit: nope, couldn’t get that. And Foxy wouldv’e won this easily with his form,demeanor and perfect temper over 72 holes.

When the DPWT is suspended, Fall Series provides the nerves. Griffin and Yuan are all over the place.