Fade Tommy Kim?

DG has shown value in H2H’s vs Tommy Kim for awhile now. I see there is value again this week. I for one was very impressed with him at the President’s Cup. At 20 years old, this kid is going to be really good imo. Curious if y’all believe the hype or are you taking spots against him like Montgomery and Riley tournament matchups?

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I love his moxie but I can see why DG doesn’t rate him as much as the Bookies.

Take his fist pumping celebration in the Saturday fourballs. Amazing long iron shot and putt. However, the next two groups had short irons and wedges in after their drives. Can he maintain his mid and long irons and putting to offset the advantages that he gives others off the tee?

Betting aside, really looking forward to seeing if he is the player Azinger etc was touting or whether he is the new Kisner.


I also like Kim. Could be a star.

But… this course isn’t a great fit for him (accuracy not important). Also, Betcris seems to agree with us on Kim, which is always reassuring.


Kisner has played on the PGA Tour for a decade with 4 wins, 46 Top 10’s, and has featured in the Top 20 in the Data Golf rankings

If Kim can replicate that it would be a successful career.

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Undoubtedly but Azinger said he could be a future Number 1 not a course fit specialist.

Lots of incoming talent

Keita Nakajima is another name being floated
Alex Fitzpatrick (brother of Matthew) just turned pro, dude improved like 2-3 strokes a round in like 3 months
Ludvic Aberg is another huge prospect
And maybe in 5-10 years, Ratchanon Chantananuwat (TK)

…and undoubtedly another dozen or so names we’ve never heard of

Golf is a funny game. By this time next year some guy like Patrick Flavin or Davis Thompson could be a household name

As for Kim he could earn well over $100M by winning a few tournaments being a course fit specialist and having a Kisner/Kevin Na level career.

We’ll see! (He could win 30 tournaments and 5 majors too, you never know)

Yea I think Kim will be a short course specialist. Time will tell I guess. I’m fading him this week because the 50 round moving average can catch you out some times and I think this is one of them.

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Who did you play against him and what odds did you get?

He’s longer than both Kisner and Na and significantly more accurate off the tee as a 20 year old.

If his small sample size of events where we have data on him is sustainable, he’s more in the Connors/Morikawa/Sungjae mould.

Being that young, he could easily add another 10-15 yards, physique-wise he certainly isn’t the finished article strength and conditioning wise.


Tommy Kim is a killer. Not the kind of guy I like to bet against. Tommy has something that the numbers wont tell you: heart. If you have money on him, and he is in the hunt, he is going to go balls to the wall to get you paid. He wont puke all over himself and pass out on the side of the course like 95 percent of these others guys.

With all that said, he needs to take his driver to the equipment trailer after his next CT check and get a little pop added to that bad boy.

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Yes completely agree, the guys clutch, an anti-Howell/Tringale if you will.

Edit: Just checked, the guys -6 today.

Oh well, can’t win every time

Overall DG’s record is sensational

Who is firing Cam Young +105 vs Tommy Kim this week?

I got Cam and Fitz against him. I’ve mostly avoided going H2H against him recently (and lost when I have) but he is being matched with established world class golfers now.

Tom Kim 66
Matthew Fitzpatrick 70
Cameron Young 73

That’s it, I give up

Dude is the next Tiger

He’ll win the Masters by 12, win 15 majors and go down as the best ever

As for Cameron Young he’s toast
He’ll be regretting not taking money from LIV

(Yes, I lost money due to both of those guys)

Even if you blindly trust the model and have a decent betting strategy, you would still end up money in the long run.

Other times you have to use your intuition a bit. Like the model goes back to 2018 on Tom Kim when he was only 18 years old. The guy hasn’t even stopped physical development yet so it’s not surprising that he’s getting better and the model is going to be off on him.

Change the 50 round moving average to something less and then put that new number in a custom model and you will get numbers closer to the bookmakers.

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As for Cam Young ‘Being Toast’, I think you should lay down a bet or ban post about it. I’ll take the other side, he will win this season or next. Loser has to leave the forum.


Oh please God let him win next week.

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