FanDuel copies Datagolf for Barbasol

Oh well, I guess this was inevitable

Hm wow… those f**kers.

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What odds specifically are you talking about? Outrights are different

T5/T10/T20, it’s a straight copy. But I doubt it will be permanent going forward, they’ve copied before.

Matt, we could use more head fakes

Ya, or a Tuesday post. Shouldn’t have posted so early for Barbasol.

Embrace the flaws - thanks for pointing this out, seems to thrown up plenty value on some different players

I would actually like the books to copy DataGolf exactly.

This would present huge value (relatively) on the favorites.

It’s common to see DG have a guy at +2500 to win and the books to have them at +1200.

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Also, there’s a big opportunity here for DGs bottom line and maybe subscribers bottom line too.

DG could consider offering models to be released early to individuals for a premium.

Of course, there would need to be a verification process to ensure people receiving them are just individuals.