Fantasy Projections Optimizer

yeah being unique is better I feel like.

like I said I don’t know what declump, well I know kind of what it does, but I don’t know how, but it definitely jerry-rigs things pretty well and I am not sure if that’s really available in other optimizers. it’s way better than just using variance/randomization sliders

For those entering multiple line-ups in one contest, how do you balance your exposure across salaries? So for instance this week, let’s say you really liked Rory and Power - how much more exposure would you have on Rory compared to Power?

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A lot more. You always want leverage on your plays. So let’s say you predict Rory to be 30% and Power is 5%. You want to have leverage on both so I’d say something like 50% and 15% is good.


Another suggestion which would hopefully be quick to implement: being able to import your own ownership projections

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