Favorites Not "Sticking"

I have 8 guys I have had to mark as favorites 3 different times this week because the website on the tournament page goes back to 3 of the top players (Berger, Kirk and someone else) as my favorites for some reason. Would be great if website knew our favorites across different pages as well

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Were you using different devices? We only store favourites in using cookies right now so it won’t save across devices/logins. Otherwise it should be working as long as you aren’t quitting your browser (which will erase the cookie).

Either way we will likely move away from cookies shortly and begin saving user settings that can be used across the site as you suggested.

I don’t think I logged out. it was definitely across devices but also I am pretty sure happened on phone as well. thanks for the reply

I’ve had this issue as well. Tough when you have 20+ people stickied. Also there is some overlap in predictions that can happen with that many, I’ll try get a screenshot of what I’m talking about.

I want to bump this. I have cookies enabled, but will occasionally close my browser forgetfully. Or transfer to a different device. Is there anything in the works beyond cookies? It’s a real pain having to re-add your entire slate, which seems like a significant pain point if people are using the service to track their bets’ probabilities…


We are thinking about making a different version of the live model that is paywalled and more geared towards betting and dfs. “Sticky favorites” will definitely be taken into consideration, and will probably be added on the original model as well in the near future.

Also, let us know of any ideas/suggestions you have for the premium live model.

Don’t like the sound of it being premium! But understand…if there was an added column or “highlight” on the bet you placed for that player, that would help tracking. As well as a “vs.” feature when betting 3-balls or matchups. Not sure the feasibility of connection to individual accounts so you could sync open slips - but that would be a major upgrade. I feel that is unlikely, so even manual entry with enhanced “sticky” features that capture bet type (Top 10, Top 20…) would strengthen the experience.