FD offering everything but T20

At least on my FD options for The Open, it offers T5, T10, T30, T40 and no T20 … anyone else?

Here we are, Tuesday afternoon and my FanDuel still offers everything BUT Top 20s for The Open. Insane. Anyone else void of Top 20 options on FD?

I noticed this as well. Very strange. Not much value on that trash site anyways.

DG is drawing T20 numbers from FD … and yesterday, some of those listed were juicy. Of course, no T20 numbers were to be found on the site. DK had some decent EV, but FanDuel has certainly made a statement by copying DG last week and then pulling the T20s this week. Oh well, it’s a feather in DG’s cap, but sucks for us! haha