First round leader

I see DG adjusted 0.4 stroke advantage for Thursday AM tee times. Just curious what this is based on? General AM advantage or weather and subject to change? Doesn’t appear books are adjusted for weather yet

I guess I’m asking why is it an adjustment of 0.4 when wind conditions look similar in AM vs PM

Typically AM wave plays easier than PM wave even if wind is the same. Greens get firmer in the afternoon, more foot traffic on them etc.

And just to be clear, if it isn’t already, the .4 stroke advantage is for just Thursday morning over Thurs afternoon. Over the course of Thurs/Fri, DG is predicting only a .1 stroke advantage for the “AM/PM Wave”

Yep, I was looking for first round leader purposes only. A 0.4 advantage on Thursday might make it seem like JT and Lowry are more attractive than they are if wind conditions look benign for both waves— which seems to be the case right now.

Yes exactly this. 0.4 strokes predicted isn’t nearly enough to warrant a “wave advantage”. However, last week DG predicted a 0.5 stroke advantage for AM and it ended up playing 3.2(!) strokes easier! Weather is so unpredictable.