Hard Rock Live in FL

With Hard Rock Bet launching this week in FL, is there any chance we can get them added to the finish position/3 balls/matchup page? @matt_courchene @will_courchene

Maybe, depends if we can scrape their site. Do they have a website, or just an app?

Just an app for now. It just launched yesterday so I’ll keep you posted. I assume it’s not good if they don’t have a website?

Can I put in a drop for Fanatics which is taking over for PointsBet and is going to be one of the larger books in the U.S. probably (just a huge company and a ton of money behind it).


Will look into it… I assume we also should look into ESPN bet.


Matt, did you ever look at adding SugarHouse/BetRivers? Their site might be tough to scrape, but just curious. I don’t often find good odds there, but they’re the only option I have for EWs.

Looks like HR Bet is copying Bet365 odds for the most part. This is very good news. Would be massive if y’all could add them to the site. Thanks Matt!

NM this, add one more vote for Fanatics. I just found out SugarHouse is leaving my state…

I mean more coverage is better but for now the ESPN “book” is still penn and I think fanatics has more coverage.

Those use Kambi, so same odds as Unibet

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Fanatics only has iOS/Android so it won’t be scrapeable

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Do you know if the copy 365 odds for other sports as well?

I checked NFL and it doesn’t appear this way.

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Was going to ask about this today. Their website is fairly easy to scrape. They’re usually the first book in my state to put out make/miss cut and matchup odds for the week.

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+1 to this. Any update on this? @matt_courchene @will_courchene