Historical strenght by nations and tours

Is there a section where I can deep dive in stuff like that? Comparing year to year, some sort of all time list. Was thinking about how the germans seem to be showing some talent and depth as of late, same with the danes. Where as the swedes and, speaking of tours, DPWT looks weaker than ever.

The Koreans are rising!

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Yea, for sure. Was just a mather of time considering their women’s level and the general interest in golf that grows along their succes. And with a superstar like Tom Kim to show the way they definitely have the tools for a bright future. I’ve seen a short documentary about their archery program, a very big sport, in the country, and of course an olympic sport, and the work ethic amongst their talents is just mind blowing. With the help of somewhat “enthusiastic” coaches also, to put it mildly…