Houston Open Sweat Thread

I like this weekly thread idea.

Does the weekly donation on Keith Mitchell finally pay off?

Taylor Pendrith is just one shot back as well.

Missed cut bets looking fire :fire:

Higgo and Straka continue to not be clutch?!

I’m hyped. Obligatory Ryan Fox going -8 in Europe kinda sucks.

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Finally managed to get on Detry…. and he’s playing Fox!


Also really like the idea of weekly sweat threads. Zack Fischer, let’s make dreams come true.

What did you get him at?

The way DG is running I expect Finau, Pendrith and Mitchell battle it out with the others 12 strokes behind.


I doubled down on all three after yesterday

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The way it’s playing out Finau is gonna win by 12 strokes… Good thing B365 bet boosted him to 23’s

I have him T20 at +2000 and T10 at +8500. He had a rough day today though.

Actually doing poorly this week but it happens
Finau was available at +1800 at some places but not all, went off at +1400 to +1600 range in the majority of books

Bramlett with a nice front 9 to get himself into top 10 for the moment.

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Yea that could be huge if he can keep it up.

Woodland looking like he’s playing well today, just needs the putter to stay hot!

Sam Burns WD, does B365 pay that out as a missed cut?

Didn’t bother with the place markets this week due to lack of value.

Of the outright bets, hopefully big Tone puts the hammer down tomorrow, and if Lawrence wants to get over the line in what looks like it could be a classic “European Tour on a difficult course Sunday chokefest” that would be just swell.

Yeah, it should pay out.

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Would really love to see Joseph Bramlett step up and have not many swings tomorrow. T10 would help this week’s cause massively.

Pendrith can’t be happy with his mental performance this weekend. Too bad.

Opened 2200 at Bet365

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Another great week. But for me it was basically all Finau and a couple of places. Matchups ate alot of that profit unfortunately.

Hm, weird. Had a really good week with matchups (on PGA Tour). Also had Finau.

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Crushed it again this week, if only Brandon had come in it would have been huuuuuuuge.