How we handling Tiger Woods?

Tiger is the top DG choice via “make the cut,” but just seems improbably he could come out and compete at the level needed. How are you guys handling him?
Caesar’s has best offering at +100.

I’m fading him personally in every single way possible - not back by stats just don’t see how he’ll be able to compete

I presume datagolf doesn’t factor probability of withdrawing? As simulates 4 completed rounds?

Same could be posted in reply to Matsuyama neck injury post - i guess both have a not insignificant WD factor to consider after datagolf numbers?

There were a decent amount of books that had him +120 last night. My thinking is he knows Augusta better than almost anyone - if he thinks he won’t make the cut, he’s not going to play, pre-match WD is usually graded as a push.

Hope I didn’t jinx myself.

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No we aren’t factoring in WD possibility.

I think the markets are pretty low on Tiger personally (obviously data doesn’t tell us much). Having watched him intensely for years he looks pretty good to me right now, and the ball speed numbers are there. I don’t think he’ll contend but I think a T35 is a likely outcome.


Makes sense thanks.

I got a little burnt/unlucky on Matsuyama last week. Took a position against some outlying money on place markets that obviously thought he may WD.
He did WD so i lost, but the price was so big relative to win and any other view i’d take the same position again…