Hypothetical Q around player variance in scoring

Do players have an adjustment for scoring ability/going low ability on any given day?

For example lets say we had two players:
Player 1 always shoots even par
Player 2 shoots either -5 or +5

These players are both rated the same in overall scoring ability but Player 2 can go -20 under par over four days where as Player 1 can not.

Does this show up in professional golf? Player 2 would have a chance to win a tournament where as Player 1 almost never could.

Personally IRL I am Player 2 (HC. 4) and one of my best friends is Player 1. He never goes super low, where as I shoot even or +15 :frowning:

Sort of like how Dustin Johnson shot 81-85 one week then went -17 the next week over the first two days. Cant remember when or what tournament but it was something like that!

This is likely accounted for with the Standard Deviation for each player. When you run a monte carlo simulation (which is I believe what DG does), you need to input basically a baseline estimate for each player as well as a standard deviation.

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