Including BetCris in R1R2 3balls

I have noticed that you do not scrape BetCris on 3balls - they only have them at big events/Majors BUT its still interesting to get those numbers: could you please include them in the overview ?
(prob not the site your are using but just FYI = betcris)

THANKS :slight_smile:

Added now, thanks for pointer. For some reason Skyfish seems to have the magic touch when requesting features.

Would also like to mention that Betcris is quite possibly the worst website I’ve ever been on. They don’t even label most of their bet types.

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Haha thanks! :grinning:
Do you remember that we were in contact per email (Julien / Alias8) as well many times about the site - before the great idea of this Forum? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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On a similar note, if practical would you consider adding William Hill (which I guess is now Caesar’s Sportsbook in some states) to the list for 3-balls and matchup bets? Thanks in advance for the consideration.

If you can play at William Hill, you’re doing it wrong

… my bankroll growth suggests otherwise, but thanks. I’ll use whoever has the best odds and there’s no downside to having more options.

I’m oddly enough limited at some other books but not William Hill…

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