International Series - Thailand

Here we go!

Will we be seeing the full treatment from Data Golf?

No European stars in sight but we’ll still see a European Tour strength field.

Was hoping that Phil, Chuck Hoffman, Westwood, Poulter, Harrington, Stenson, etc. would show up but I guess not.

You create a lot more leverage by showing up

Unlikely we’ll cover it fully, as we’ll be doing the API, Puerto Rico, and probably the Kenya Open. I think this is field is still a lot weaker than Kenya.

Thanks, I still really hope that this will be offered under Sub Tours. I am expecting decent coverage from the books and I would like to be able to find value apart from the blind dart throws on Joohyung Kim and Sadom Kaewkanjana (They are worth the throws though. They hit a lot!)

Yes it will be on sub tours, even if OWGR doesn’t post the field.

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Thank you! That’s all I wanted to know.