Is Matsuyama a cinch to make the World Golf Hall of Fame?

Great performance from Matsuyama last week in chasing down Henley. It looked like Henley had put the tournament away in the front 9 but Matsuyama shot a 63 to catch him in regulation and had a beautiful eagle in the playoff.

Now up to 8 wins, including a Masters green jacket. Still only 29 years old (!) so he’ll have plenty of chances to add to his total. I’m guessing he gets to about 15 wins before it’s all said and done.

Is it safe to say that he’s 100% in the Hall of Fame if he retires yesterday? He’s not far off even by normal standards if you ask me and it seems that these types of organizations like to induct players from different regions in order to promote the game. I’m guessing he’s a shoo-in but I’d like to hear others’ thoughts.

In terms of overall career I think he will project pretty similar to Adam Scott. If he drops off we’re looking at something closer to Mike Weir. I think this is more than enough, but we’ll see!

In the meantime it’s pretty safe to say that he’s one of the elite golfers in the world and will be a threat to win any tournament that he plays in.

I agree that he will eventually be in the WG HOF, the past year he’s finally put it all together as you’ve noted and notched some much deserved wins. I could see him winning another Major or a Players (which he led after Day 1 in 2020 before it was canceled.) He’s got the game for sure, and when he does get hot with the putter he’s dangerous.