Issue with field-updates endpoint / field updates page

Just noticed the field-updates endpoint / field updates page is returning “n/a” for the dk_id and $0 for all player salaries.

There also appears to be a problem with the “Outright Betting Tool” page for the Euro tour

It’s because these are the R2 SD salaries, I believe. We accidentally ran a script after euro finished up and it updated pga prematurely as well. Should be resolved once the pga finishes.

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What is the issue? The front end looks fine to me; is it an API issue?

@matt_courchene fyi, looks like the dk_id is now populated, but off. E.g., the Rory McIlroy dk_id I see coming through the field-update endpoint is 18909529, but his DK ID is 18884345.

Further, his salary is coming through as $9200, but his salary this week is $9400.

What is shown on the field updates page after R1 is R2 showdown salaries/IDs.

Ok, got it. Thanks much

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It’s only showing the top player even with an empty search box; took a screenshot for you.

Hm, that’s not what I see. Haven’t heard from anyone else about this, either.

Any chance you could open up the developer tools and see if there is an error in the console? (Right click, click “Inspect” and there should be a console tab).

Likely has something to do with that first book (not sure what book that is supposed to be… looks like everything you’ve selected is showing). Maybe try hard refreshing (shift + refresh), or quitting your browser (which should log you out).

This is what shows up when I open the console. Could just be an issue on my end; I’ll try hard refreshing/quitting the browser too.