Korn Ferry - Bahamas Great Exuma Classic - starts Sunday

Unusual start date, starts Sunday at 7AM

Does this make it impossible to release?

I’m only looking for a sub tours release

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It will be up this morning.

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Can anyone else not see the Tournament in B365? It does not appear unfortunately.

Tournament has already started lol

Haha ya, I wasn’t sure if you knew.

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Im late but did anyone else have Phillips?? shoutout DG!

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We looking pretty good in this one too. Win % was over 50 last night now it’s like 10%. All you need is a chip and a chair though!

Edit: Where can I watch this live/stream? Can’t find it anywhere

Last week there was a stream by the pga tour of the 18th green on twitter, but that was it I think.

Blick loses in the playoff, brutal.