Letter to the PGA Tour

I wrote the following letter to the PGA Tour after the American Express Championship. It got a response!

"I am a huge golf fan! And I think PGA West Stadium Course is one of the best courses on tour! With that said, I would like to see a different setup which I feel would bring out more of its characteristics.

The course is wide open and fairly soft, but you can make big numbers if you get out of position. I think the way to make this course more exciting is to shrink it! I would like to see how it plays with rock-hard fairways and desert brush when you miss the fairways. That way you get lots of fast lies, hard bounces, and plenty of opportunities to get into a lot of trouble! That’s when golf gets fun, because the players hit so many creative and wonderful shots from some truly horrible positions!

To compensate for the hard and fast conditions the tees could be moved up so that it plays to around 7000 yards. Yes, the players might not be good at stopping a 7 iron on the hood of a car, but it sure is fun watching them try! And they do succeed sometimes, and it’s great to see them execute the impossible shots! And since they’re hitting long irons/hybrids into fairways and short irons/wedges into most holes, birdies are very possible! (So are triple bogeys though!)"

It’s good to see that PGA Tour does read letter from fans! And it was easy, all I had to do was to go to pgatour.com and fill out a web form.

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Are you going to post the reply as well?

The reply below.

“Thank you for the feedback. We will pass this feedback along to the relevant team for consideration. We appreciate hearing from you and value your input.”

I don’t know Daniel, I think that could be an automated reply. :robot:


Probably, but I thought it was a neat feature nevertheless

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