LIV Golf projections?

Just checking if there are plans to offer projections for LIV Golf events?

There is an extensive thread on this topic. TLDR: LIV is presently not operating at a professional level sufficient for these guys to roll out their normal offering. However, they cover it under the sub tours.

They plan to cover it, you’ll probably see a release on Tuesday

I only need the initial projections for the most part

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Looking like tomorrow (Tuesday) morning release, giving the american books a chance to post. Plus it looks like the exhibition isn’t starting until Friday now.

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The website says the event is from June 30 to July 2
Yeah I’m licking my chops and waiting for the odds and props to be posted
Huge profits from the first tournament. The prices were very very weak

Hm, they had briefly changed their website yesterday to say July 1-3. But now it’s back to June 30 start date.

Please feel free to take your time with this. Since there are no mid-week updates, I would actually prefer it if you released it on Sub Tour model only. Makes it more difficult for books to move their lines (LOL)

LIV is updated on the site now.

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I saw some sites make some massive errors on outrights (approx 3x what they should’ve been). Unfortunately no value anywhere on Charl. What did you do well betting on?

Will there be DFS as well?

Yes… is the scoring system the same as normal SD?

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Here is where I had success in LIV London. Please note that this might not apply to this week’s event

  • USA vs. non-USA prop, non-USA was priced at even money. I had this at like 60-65%
  • Field over Dustin Johnson, -550 was too good a price to pass up
  • Team competition, Stinger was clearly the strongest team. I thought +450 was a good number until another book offered them at +600
  • Passed on pre-tournament outrights since the juice was too high, books were scared
  • Passed on pre-tournament place markets since the juice was too high, books were scared
  • Passed on matchups since the books only matched up players they were familiar with
  • Adjusted win odds. The books kept overpricing Dustin Johnson and Talor Gooch. I knew Schwartzel and Du Plessis were the best value plays after Round 1

Basically I was hoping that someone other than Dustin Johnson or Talor Gooch would win and when that happened, it was payday

Anyway if this week is representative of the future of golf I’m all for it
3 events, all of roughly equal strengths
Depleted fields at the top too since the top players will only play the majors, LIV copycat events, and the bare minimum it takes to make the LIV copycat events
Hopefully more opposite field events on the same weeks as the LIV copycat events
Tons of betting opportunities

Next year we’ll see what happens with the Asian Tour. Decent chance we get increased field strengths and better coverage from the books

As long as the books don’t reduce the betting options or increase the juice it’s payday for the bettors

Exactly, all rounds should be traditional showdown scoring. I see they’re live — thanks!

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The top players will only play LIV copycat events? What? Those events are only in the fall, the other events getting big purse increases were the invitational PGA Tour events (Riviera, Arnold Palmer, etc). And contrary to what the guys that went to LIV are saying, most professional golfers actually want to play golf, stay sharp, and compete for regular PGA Tour wins: I don’t think Rory and company will be reducing their schedules in the coming years.

Let me provide a golf fan’s perspective on this:

If this week is representative of the future of golf, then I am super sad. We have:

  1. A shitty no-cut 3-day event at a garbage golf course with a bunch of washed-up losers who don’t care and don’t want to compete.
  2. The worst tournament on the PGA tour schedule with an incredibly weak field on a course that is totally uncompelling.
  3. The squandered opportunity of what could easily be the best golf tournament on the planet, the Irish Open, played with a completely maimed field for a meager purse on a parkland style course, on an island that produces the best players in the world on a per capita basis, that has the best golf courses on the planet, and a fan base that supports the tournament more than anyone else on the planet. We should have Rory and Rahm duking it out at Lahinch or Royal County Down. What a joke!

For the record, I don’t care if Matt Wolff and Andy Oagletree play a few Asia tour events at some crappy resort course in Thailand, and neither does anyone else.


I know you’re bummed about the Irish Open but if you’re upset you should give JP McManus a call. They’d rather play in his pro-am than play in the Irish Open

You know and I know what that pro-am actually is

In any case I think we have a preview of what golf will look like in the future (and yes, I will be betting on those Asian Tour events LOL)

Also Pumpkin Ridge is a good course, it hosted a number of championships and should be set up nice and firm

Just curious, is anyone seeing the LIV odds on the retail books in the US? I’m in Virginia and don’t see any LIV odds on DK, FD etc.

Virginia doesn’t offer LIV golf, they didn’t offer the Saudi International either
I think each state has its own site and they choose what to offer
Virginia’s selection is limited compared to New Jersey and Pennsylvania

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