LIV Team Championship

Will predictions be posted for this event?

If not, would it be possible to post the predicted performance in the Sub Tours section? If I have that information I think I can calculate the match odds and future book odds.

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No predictions for LIV this week. We do have the field on the site though, and in the query tool. You can also find the baseline skill levels for each player in the field on the rankings page or the skill ratings page (only for those who have played enough Shotlink rounds).

Does the query include the course fit?

This is the reason I requested the predicted performance.

If not, I’ll do my best with the tools I have.

No, it doesn’t. Yes I thought about the course fit… could be done, but just not worth it this week.

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No problem, I managed to calculate the odds by hand using information in the site
Let’s see if I can get the green this week

Any chance u send it on

4 Aces 0.25
Crushers 0.20
Fireballs 0.17
Stinger 0.09
Smash 0.09
Majesticks 0.06
Punch 0.04
Torque 0.04
Hy Flyers 0.03
Cleeks 0.02
Iron Heads 0.01
Niblicks 0.01


Projected 1st round matchups:

Smash 0.66 Iron Heads 0.34
Majesticks 0.62 Niblicks 0.38
Torque 0.56 Cleeks 0.44
Hy Flyers 0.45 Punch 0.55


The big thing here is that the players at the bottom are going to be increasingly important. One blowup round and you’re done

That’s why the 4 Aces might be in trouble. Pat Perez has been struggling lately. Other top contenders are stronger at the #4 spot

Majesticks to win is a go then. Well over 20x is available.

Adjusted 1st round odds.

Smash 0.65 Niblicks 0.35
Majesticks 0.63 Iron Heads 0.37
Torque 0.52 Cleeks 0.48
Hy Flyers 0.44 Punch 0.56

No huge changes, future book odds should remain about the same.

I would advise you to bet on team matchups and ignore the individual matches due to the possibility of dead rubbers.


Yeah I was surprised with the numbers. The reason the Punch aren’t higher is because the team has been slumping lately and Ormsby is one of the weakest players out there right now. One blowup round on Day 3 and you’re toast

Westwood/Poulter are in reasonably good form and Stenson runs hot and cold. When you’re dealing with a big underdog the high variance guy with big upside is actually a plus

Also the Cleeks are not that bad. I would be interested at 50-1 or better

It may come down to which team has the #4 guy who can grind out that -2.0 True SG round while not at his best

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Losing Kaymer is a hammer blow for the Cleeks, make the following changes:

Future book odds:
Torque 0.05
Cleeks 0.00

Projected 1st round matchup:
Torque 0.63 Cleeks 0.37


Majestics looking good.

2nd round matchups:
4 Aces 0.76
Cleeks 0.24

Crushers 0.56
Stinger 0.44

Fireballs 0.56
Punch 0.44

Smash 0.53
Majesticks 0.47

Future book odds:
4 Aces 0.24
Crushers 0.17
Fireballs 0.17
Smash 0.13
Majesticks 0.10
Stinger 0.09
Punch 0.08
Cleeks 0.02

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I will be rooting for the Cleeks to shock the world

Final Round odds:
4 Aces 0.36
Smash 0.25
Stinger 0.21
Punch 0.18

Hard to believe Cam Smith (and DJ, I guess) is wasting his time at this event. Feel like he has really messed up his career by joining LIV.

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Thank you for providing predictions and projections despite your personal beliefs. I earned a lot of money betting on LIV golf!

I mean, I’m not that opposed to the tour in principle. I just think these events are completely meaningless, which perhaps is inevitable for any new tour.