Live Model Custom Position

Up until a couple months ago (I think maybe after the Valero?), the live model had an option to enter a custom position and pull in odds for each golfer in that position in addition to Win/5/10/20/Cut. I haven’t seen it since, but it was super helpful for me since I make a lot of Top 30 and Top 40 bets. Any reason this hasn’t come back since? Would love to see it again, and bonus points if it’s made available to the API. I was also wondering if there’s any plans to make the custom matchups that are on the Props page available to the API? I’m sure it would be a lot of work but would be super helpful for all the matchups that are available on books but aren’t listed on the matchups Scratch page. Thanks!

The custom position dropdown is available on the pre-tournament predictions page and on the live model between rounds only. The reason it’s only between rounds is because it takes some time to run and we can’t afford to spend that time when running the model live.

The pre-tournament custom finish positions can be called from the API, live model you can’t at the moment… but could be added. Do you use this during the tournament, or just pre-tournament?

Re the custom h2h tool… it’s something we could do pretty easily, but then that also makes it even easier for bookmakers to just pull in our odds. Sometimes having to do a bit of work to get your edges is a good thing… it means fewer other people are likely to do it!

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Ah, good call outs, thanks for the response! I hadn’t noticed that it’s only available between rounds but that’s great info. Personally, I would use the custom finish positions throughout the whole tournament, but I may be in the minority?

litterally was coming here to suggest making the custom finish positions callable in the API pre tournament (high priority would use all the time) and between rounds (would use about once a week). So I would def + 1 this part of the suggestion.