Live model probabilities vs DG scratch tool odds

Why would the live model probability differ from the scratch tool odds? Example is Wise Top 5 - last night at round finish and this morning at start of R4, his Live Model probability is 56.3% whereas the scratch tools show 49.7%?


The difference is whether the probabilities account for dead-heat rules or not. Scratch Tools always do, whereas the live model’s default display does not account for them (as the live model is not necessarily catering to bettors primarily…). Click the button above the live model to switch probabilities to account for dead-heats.

Ahhh, makes total sense, thanks for the quick response!

And just to clarify as a follow up: is there a way to get probabilities in the scratch tool for sites that don’t use dead heat, like MGM and Bovada?

There isn’t currently… that has been on the to-do list for a long time.